Other Ministries



Our bookstore has several Bibles, Christian books, curriculums, and music CDs available for purchase. These resources can be a blessing to any home or individual.

Low angle view of an old yellowed aged music score with shallow dofCHOIR & SPECIAL MUSIC

We believe in good, old-fashioned psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. VBC is blessed to have several soloists, groups, and instrumentalists that take the time to practice and sing for the glory of God.

Close up of an old vintage globeMISSIONS PROGRAM

Our focus is reaching souls with the gospel—from across the street, to around the world! We currently support 60 missionaries and church planters by faith through the sacrificial giving of our members.


We have a weekly radio broadcast that airs on Sunday mornings. You can tune in to WVFV 95.9 FM at 10:00 AM  and 102.3 FM at 10:30 AM to listen to messages preached at VBC.

Security guard holding walkie talkieSECURITY

The safety of our people is of utmost importance. We have several workers that help take care of the large number of babies, children, teens, and adults that come to our services each week.


Along with our bus ministry, VBC has a shuttle that transports people to church on a weekly basis.

Close up of knobs on audio consoleSOUND & MEDIA

We have several workers that make sure our sound system works smoothly during every service. In addition, every sermon is recorded and can be viewed online in our preaching archives. This is especially useful for those who were not able to attend a service.