In November of 1988, 32 people gathered together in
a small building to have a church service. Little did
they know that they were about to embark on an
incredible journey of God's blessings. This first
service was held on Pearson Hill Road in Roanoke
Rapids, North Carolina.

Several months passed, and on June 11, 1989, a
charter service was held. The name of the church
would be Victory Baptist Church, and Robert W.
Madden would be unanimously voted to be their

In that congregation of 61 charter members, a seed of
faith began to grow in the hearts and lives of this new
church body.

Under the leadership of Pastor Madden, God blessed
and used Victory Baptist Church in an exciting way.
The men and women of this church were consumed
with one desire; to bring honor and glory to God! This
is made evident in the following excerpt from their
Victory Baptist Church      338 Roanoke Ave.        Roanoke Rapids        NC. 27870
"We, the undersigned, do
hereby recognize Victory
Baptist Church as a
full-fledge ministry in
Roanoke Rapids, North
Carolina. We do first and
foremost pledge our life
and love to the Lord
Jesus Christ. On this day
of June 11, 1989, we
acknowledge ourselves
as Charter Members. We
hereby ask God to bless
and use us for His honor
and glory."
The church building was soon renovated, and the crowds
kept coming. Many people were saved, baptized, and
joined the church. Soon the building was outgrown.

As the church began to consider options for more space,
God opened a door. They were able to purchase a building
and property on Roanoke Avenue.

This property belonged to the Fellowship Baptist Church.
After purchasing the building and land, the congregation of
Fellowship Baptist, who were without a pastor, under God's
leading, joined the people of the Victory Baptist Church,
and became one united congregation.

The first services on the new property were held in April of
1991. The 'country church' property (as it is referred to
today), previously used by Victory Baptist, remained in
their possession and continued to be an active part of their
ministry, even to this day.

In March of 1998, the church began another chapter of
ministry under the leadership of Dr. T. Dale Kidd. He was
called by the people of Victory Baptist Church to be their
second pastor.
For five years, the church
was blessed tremendously
and the membership grew
to over 260 faithful people.

Under Pastor Kidd's
direction, the church saw
many blessings. The
church reached an average
attendance of 160, and over
166 in membership.

The church saw a high
attendance on Sunday
morning of 335, and 500
each night of their annual
Easter presentation.

Pastor Kidd's teaching and
preaching of the Bible
influenced the community
for the cause of Christ.

The church continued to
grow by seeing souls
saved, believers baptized,
and others join in

In May of 2005, God led the people of Victory Baptist
Church to start a new chapter of ministry, once again, by
calling Michael Jones to be their pastor.

Under his leadership, Pastor Jones has led the church to
see an average Sunday morning attendance of over 350, and
a special service attendance of over 730.

Pastor Jones began many exciting ministries to reach the
people of Roanoke Rapids. One of which is the Bus Riders
Ministry which began in November of 2005. Within the first
five months of running the buses, they averaged 80 riders a
week, and had a high day of 215 riders.

God has used Pastor Jones to ignite a fire within the church
to reach souls for Christ. Believing that New Testament
Christianity still works today, his motto for God's people has
& continues to be: "the old ways for a new day."
Each week Victory Baptist Church members load their pockets full of gospel tracts and head out
soul-winning to lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ. Each Sunday, church buses roll
down the streets of Roanoke Rapids to pick up children to be brought to Sunday School. Each
service, Pastor Jones bounds to the pulpit, lit with fire from on High, and delivers what 'thus saith
the Lord.'

With Christ's return at hand, and souls hanging in the balance; pray for this local church as they
strive to equip the saints, build up the church, and rescue the perishing with the gospel of Jesus